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Secret Advent Messages - for this year's Advent.
You can make short, kind messages for yourself or for your family and friends so you can strengthen your/their confidence or make yourself/them happier and more balanced. 

IIn case you don't have time for it, you can place an order for a pack of 24 cards. Just click on any of the pictures on this page or for ORDERING FORM (to be delivered in Hungary)

Orders to be delivered in Europe, outside Hungary: ORDERING FORM.

Order and pay before 21st November, 2019. to make sure it arrives in time.


In Hungary: 1800 HUF/pack + postage (250 HUF)

In Europe: 10 EUR/pack or 10 GBP/pack + postage (2,5 EUR/1 pack, 5 EUR/2 or more packs)

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