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Mentális tréning
Why would you need mental training?

You might have felt that you had prepared properly, had done a lot of trainings, you had put all in but still... 

* did not happen the way you had planned.

* got distracted in the most important moment. 

*..the opponent grabbed your attention from your task.

* were not able to completely focus after a mistake. 

* was going on well for a while but you suddenly fell deep. 

* were not able to recover properly since the previous game/competition and so your performance had a set back.  

* could not get back from your injury

* faced a really unfair referee decision and you were not able to come over it.

Surely, if any of these have ever happened to you, you are already searching for the solution. maybe you have read a lot about mental preparation but it seems complicated to do it on your own. Or simply you need some ideas how to start to work on your mental game. 

It is not so complicated as some experts state it. The techniques that can help are simple! Altough, it is not an easy job to keep up with them, to practice them on a daily basis. But it is possible!

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How can you benefit from it?

When could you benefit from the mental training?  

When you would like.. 

  • be strong mentally

  • to be more confident

  • to have effective goal-setting ideas and methods

  • to grow your (intristic) motivation

  • to create individual affirmations that work for you

  • to learn and practice short, effective relaxation techniques

  • to know how to visualize effectively

  • to be prepared for unexpected situations

  • to use effectice and quick error-correction techniques

  • to perform optimally after an injury

But.. you need to be determined...

  • to better performance and continuous develpoment!

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Methods, Techniques

Methods, Techniques:

There are various techniques and practices for mental preparing:

- Visualization/Imagination

- Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques

- Sporthypnosis

- TM, Zen-Meditation, Silva Mind Control, other meditation techniques

- Relaxation-response, Autogen Training

- Neurofeedback

- Positive Affirmations, Mantras, Guided Inner Speech


Choose any of these techniques, you will improve your mental game if you use them regularly. 

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My methods and Teachniques

My Courses

The applied method is always tailored to your needs. (Inner Game, Sporthypnosis, Mental Training, Sport Psychology Coaching, NLP, Mindfulness, Meditations, Relaxation techniques etc.). 

The techniques are simple to learn and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. You do not need continous consultations to maintain your mental thoughness! You learn it, and then you can use it!   

What is more... I greatly believe in self-improvement! So if it is enough for you to browse my pages and get motivated, then go and learn these things! On the other hand if you nedd some guidance on your way, do not hesitate to contact me. Probably the online contact hours are not the most ideal ones but according to my experience it works just as well as the personal contact hours. And of course it is time-saving for both of us!


Who is this training made for? 

For amateur and professional athletes who are determinded to perform better or want to be more confident or effective.   

Individual contact hours:  

For youth athletes parental acceptance is required. Otherwise the length and date of the contact hours are discussed before each sessions.

What is a session like?

This is a very practical type of training so there will be some speaking and a lot of practice. 

What can I learn here? 

During the basic training we deal with: 

  • Confidence boosting

  • Goal-setting  "“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.” Bo Jackson

  • Motivation

  • Positive affirmations taylored to your sport, inner speech

  • Effective Sensory Imagination “You are more productive by doing fifteen minutes of visualization than from sixteen hours of hard labor.” Abraham Hicks

  • Stress-release, Relaxation techniques, Breathing techniques

  • Error-handling ("Champions keep playing until they get it right." — Billie Jean King)

  • Routines, Elite-thinking

  • Flow

  • Zones

  • Focus, Concentration

  • Competiton-Self-Evaluation, 

  • Other mental hacks

The Mental Trainer​

Team Practice
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